Naqsaq Valley hike

Pictures from a three-day hike Delia and I did in a valley close to Pangnirtung, up from the Hudson's Bay cabin, in the end of August.

Sola came with for her first real hike and loved it, of course. We did not do overly long days of hiking (walking) because of a few prohibiting factors. First, the previous day I had been boulder climbing and had hurt the bottom of my foot by jumping off a boulder to a cushy pillow of moss that turned out not to be a cushy pillow of moss. I could walk fine with the foot as long as I did not lay it down completely. The second factor was that Delia took a major spill in the first river crossing of the hike about two minutes into the hike. She hurt her knee and made her shoes completely wet and they were not about to dry in that weather. The third factor, and the most interesting one, was that our cooking stove was disabled. Completely disabled. We were missing about 30 % of the parts. They were at home. A bit of a bummer when all the food you have is cookies and freeze dry. Stove issues are a bit of a tradition for us now. We ate cookies for the first night, those were good. The second night we managed to make a fire from wet arctic heather. It smoked like hell but cooked our freeze dry.

Naqsaq Valley was cool, perhaps our new favorite spot close to Pang.