Boat camping at Qikiqtaluk

Boating with Devin, Kendra, Donald and Meeka at Qikiqtaluk and a further visit at Iqirasa, about a 110 km drive from Pang. Fishing was good, we caught a bunch and so did the others. A dead boat battery caused some headache at Iqirasa but luckily somebody had booster cables and we were able to start our engine. Then at camp I cut deep into my finger with a filleting knife - a great chance to practise First Aid. Some steristrips, sports tape and gauze pads go a long way. Sea water is very bad for wounds and can cause what's called a "seal finger" - a very infected cut on a finger. I did not get that. Cleaning with fresh water is key, preferable pressure-injected into the wound.

Live and learn.