September boat camping

Lately we've been trying to use our boat as often as possible. It is such a pleasure to have it but the weather and work often interferes with boating plans. Our "very European looking" boat is anchored right next to our house, so when the opportunity arises, we can just jump in and go. That's exactly what we did last weekend.

Sunday's weather looked bad. The original plan had been to head out on Saturday, overnight somewhere, and return on Sunday. A quick change of plans was needed. The boat was afloat at 5 pm on Friday, right after work, and we decided to skip yoga, pack everything and head out while Vieno was still on the water - the tide was already dropping.

Our dog, Sola, joined us. She was instantly comfortable with the boat even though it was probably her first time on water.

That night we set up camp fire and enjoyed the northern lights. And discovered that in the rush, we had forgotten to take the water, the stove and an extra sleeping bag for Delia. She had one but she needs two to stay (toasty) warm.

Stove. Our arch enemy. This was not the first time it happened. And if it's not the stove we've forgotten, it's the fuel. We did have a few liters of water but with only salt water from the fiord available, we had to be careful with water consumption.

We cooked everything on the campfire and smelled like smoke for days after the trip.

The night was cool but comfortable. Sola wanted to shove herself into the tent and snuggle with us, but we had her stay in the vestibule like a good dog should.

In the morning we did a little hike and looked for berries. We also tried fishing but the char is already running up the rivers and cannot be caught in the fiord.

We returned to Pang next day in fine weather and dropped by the park before heading home. A great trip.



wow wow wow...your pictures are just stunning!!
PS. I love Sola