Pond Inlet, straight off the good-o-meter

During June and July, Delia spent a a month in Pond Inlet, northern Baffin Island. I visited Pond for a week at the end of Delia's trip. Pond Inlet turned out to be a gem.

The community is overlooking the ocean on a hill. Glaciers and mountains are visible directly from town and hunters were catching narwhal in front of our house.

Pond scores high points for aesthetics.

There was practically no wind and the sun was shining most of the time. Tide was much lower than in Pangnirtung which would make boating a lot easier. Furthermore, we tried fishing for half-an-hour down by the shore and caught two nice size fish with one rod. Try to do that in Pang!

Loads of more points for lack of wind, easy boating and great fishing.

We hiked around on a couple occasions. Salmon Creek was the closest destination, Salmon River a little further. Locals regularly camp along the shores in that area and catch arctic char. Salmon River has char up to 30 pounds Crazy!

Curiously, Salmon River starts at lake called "looks like a vagina". We saw it from the air. It did. That's when I lost count of the points.

(However good Pond may have been, Pang still wins because it's home!)



Very beautiful is Sole. And I like his name, too. I,m happy for it!! Congralation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is interesting to read your "new" place, I can imaginate to be there.