Tonight our boat is officially ready for the waves. Phew. What a relief!

Things we ended up doing: clean and paint inside and outside of the hull, do a few fiber glass repairs, fix plastic runner on the keel (storm threw the boat around last October), paint cabin, install motor (new), install steering and remote controls, fix bumper on the left, paint trim, replace broken screws, connect electrics etc. etc.

There's always more to do especially because we both tend to be perfectionists but nothing will prevent us from starting the boating season now - the rest can be finished even on the waves. We were aiming for this Sunday and even though we had a couple near showstoppers that totally deflated our bubblegum balloon of wishful thinking, somehow it got done. A big thanks goes to friends who helped.

This kind of a thing easily becomes almost an obsession that consumes your time and thought.

Stripping off the old paint and cleaning the hull from the inside was a nightmarish task. The floor was filthy with wet sand, gun shells and old rusty lures that had slipped under the flooring. We were slightly concerned with what would emerge from underneath, but the wood was okay. Now everything is dry and repainted.

Without further ado, let us present to you: Vieno.



is Google translate correct in saying that Vieno means "gentle" in Finnish?? :)

Yes, it is! But it's also an old lady's name. :)