Lately we have had absolutely no problems spending our free time. Nope, definitely no problems at all in that sector. That's what happens when you buy a $1500 boat and fix it up. Come home, eat, head out, start working. Sand, brush, screw, saw, paint, bang and caulk. And if it's raining, keep working under a tarp. When the night comes, call it quits, grab a bite and crawl to bed. Fall asleep planning the next steps, or don't fall asleep because you are still wired.

In a sadistic way, it is quite rewarding. Finally seeing some results feels good. The project is nearing its end and tonight we flipped the canoe for hull maintenance. It was a slightly stressful operation that beforehand made us nervous, or at least made me nervous. Will the cabin break under the pressure? How are we going to smoothly roll the boat?

Our neighbor, Joavie, assured us it was a small task. He said he had rolled several boats before. We were trying to recruit half the town to muscle it over but he said all we needed was a few people. Not to worry.

As you can see from the pictures, it went just fine.

Boat flipped, our house in the background:

Here you can kind of see the size:

Mobi inspected and approved:



Wow, that is awesome! Glad it went well! Those are great pics...nice to actually get to see what you are spending all your time on :)
I am DEFINITELY coming up in the summertime next time!

Looks good guys.

We have been missin the two of you... Abigail is now running all over saying "abby" very clearly. oh and she counts.... sort of she goes" two, two , two ,two ,two, threeeeee! " funny as hell!

we got all our sea lift shit packed and sent so Markus we will be watching the boat and if we have to we will take advantage of your offer of making sure the boxes get delivered to our house.

i sent you guys a message on FB about the mail. there should be a parcel in it for me. if there isnt i need to call the guy that sent it.

Is there anything down here you guys need? we can pop it into the mail, or bring it when we come at the end of aug.

Lastly if you would like to Siku is still at our house, and im sure she wouldnt mind seeing a familiar face or two, for a walk or something. I showed you the rope thing there markus, its the easiest way. just hook her up and walk her out away from other dogs and people and let her tear up the ground. Not sure if ther is a tennis ball there or not, she goes nuts for that outside. Only if you guys want to of course.

Anyways chat ya later

Hehe, Abby sounds hilarious!

Yup, keep us posted on the sea lift stuff. We should have our truck this Saturday, pretty awesome!

Nope, we don't need anything from down there. We've got pretty much everything we need. But we'll keep that in mind. Thanks for offering.

We've talked about Siku often, and Delia gave your house sitter a call the other day. Apparently they take the dog out regularly. We might take her out one a few times, though, I'm sure she wouldn't mind.