We were on Mt. We Were on the Mountain.

Mt. Angiuqqa (or Angiuqqaaq), also known as Boss Mountain, is a 1000 m peak located close to Pangnirtung. It's been our plan for a while to tackle it on skis and see what kinds of slopes it offers.

There is a little bit of confusion as to which mountain Angiuqqa actually is. It is the peak you can see very well when you approach town from on the fiord ("the boss of other mountains"). The problem is that there are a couple of peaks that are prominent and would easily qualify. We have heard a couple different interpretations of who the Boss is but we picked the one that one of Delia's colleagues had insisted was Angiuqqa.

Whatever mountain we were, that's the mountain I'm writing about. If it wasn't the mountain we were supposed to be on, I could call it Mt. We Were on the Mountain in which case we were on the Mt. We Were on the Mountain.

The approach looked easy from a distance but the peak itself looked quite steep. It looked like a great project.

We drove by skidoo to the base of the mountain and started ascending The day was a little foggy and first I lead us up the wrong ridge. We had to come down and drive another few clicks to the correct slope. Meanwhile, the fog cleared up and we could start seeing the peak.

Views from the ridge and from the top:

The descent was straightforward, nothing to report. The coolest part was the final slope which was quite steep but technically quite easy to get up on the skis. I did snap my ski pole in two in a low speed skiing accident. The best part was skiing past the skidoos all the way down to the valley below. We had to climb up a bit to get back to the vehicles.

The triangular peak is the peak of Angiuqqa/Mt. We Were on the Mountain.

While maybe not the greats ski of all times, it was a good practice run and aerobic exercise. Getting ready for the bigger peaks!