New layout, take 923481

I traveled to London ON a few weeks ago and had a lot of time in my hands in the evenings, the result of which you can see as a newly designed site layout. I was trying to go for simplicity again and this probably is one my favorites so far.

The blue background is close to neutral (close to gray), which should make it fairly good for photos. It's still blue, though, and I'm not 100 % sure yet whether it's neutral enough. It'll have an effect on the photos via simultaneous contrast and assimilation of colors. That's the problem with photo sites and colorful backgrounds: you pretty much have to keep everything close to gray if you want to display photos without side effects.

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The font is Arial. I know what you are thinking now: "Arial, not again, the most often used Web font! Why didn't you go for something original yet well supported like Trebuchet or Georgia (if you wanted a serif font)?" I don't know. I guess Arial for simplicity and easy readability. It just works. And it's easy to mix up with other fonts in titles, logos and elsewhere.

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April 19, 2011
Dear Markus,
I really enjoyed your last posting and the wonderful pictures. It really lets one take part on your and Delias' life up north. It also brings home that your idea of cold and mine differ considerable.
One thing though - you used the f.. word. What were you thinking?
Lots of Love, Helga ox