Trial run with the tent.

Last Friday Markus and I had our first proper trial run with our new canvas tent and wood stove. In the afternoon we headed out of town, kamotiq packed up with equipment, and picked a spot inland just off the trail to test our gear. The temperature was -26C with a steady wind making it approximately -31C with the windchill factor. Within 50 minutes we had the tent standing and pegged and the wood stove lit with a glowing fire.

It was wonderful! We spent about two hours tending to the fire, getting the Coleman stove running, drinking tea and generally enjoying what we are sure is to become a place we'll retire to on many trips to come. It was by no means WARM inside, but still, with -31C outside I was able to spend about an hour without my coat or tuque on. When I did become a little cold I just had to get closer to the stove and I warmed right up. This is certain to extend our fishing season by being able to start earlier in the year and will make winter camping much more comfortable. Here's to many more trips to come!



I wish to be there with you both. Heh: it will be your "retire place" or retire stuffs:tent and stove.
Have you a weapon with ?