A Warmish -32C

While on our travels this winter, we quite suddenly found ourselves to be the proud owners of a Swedish military camping wood stove. With determination we wrapped it up and sent it all the way home to Nunavut. Two weekends ago we took it out on the land for its virgin run. It was fantastic! Even without a tent to capture the heat, on a day Markus described to my mother as a "warmish-feeling -32C," we were soon feeling toasty. Looking forward to trying it out on a fishing trip. Now if I could only kick my nasty cold...



Oups, I didn't want to be "anonymous"! forgot to add my name!!!


Sweet! I like the stove!!! Hmm... a warmish -31???. ah ah funny Markus!

Great! I smiled and told Kauko, who works with Jorma in Janis home.
Poor Delia, I hope Markus takes very very good care about you. Like You here in Rovaniemi, when Markus was
sick... I sould be there too.