Pangnirtung community website

It's out!

Last year the Hamlet of Pangnirtung and I took on a project to develop a spiffy website for the community. There was none that existed; online information on Pangnirtung was scattered and hard to find. In the meantime, information demands from visitors and potential residents were growing, not forgetting the information needs of the community itself. The Web is a pretty hot topic in Nunavut nowdays and bandwidth is increasing rapidly.

A community like Pang simply needs a website, and that is what we developed. We bought the domain name, bought hosting and built a site. The launch date was last Tuesday and we had a little public announcement at the community centre, served with coffee and bannock. After launching the website, the mayor gave a nice speech and I provided a little tour of the website on the screen.

The development itself was a lenghty process and required many meetings. A lot of people contributed but quite a few failed to write even a paragraph over several months. That drove me nuts. If I ever get a similar project, I won't waste my time on trying to chase people around. Simple cut-off dates and that's it - you're out.

Our goal was to make the best community website in Nunavut, and I have a feeling we accomplished that (not that the bar was set very high). The site uses Drupal as its platform and is integrated with Gallery2 for photo organization. The site comes both in English and Inuktitut.

By no means is this site perfect. But we are quite proud of it.

(And if you would like me to do your community next, get back to me in a year or so.)