When the ocean is not enough

Yesterday a large ship came into Pangnirtung Fiord to deliver fuel for the community. It's the blue one in the pictures below. Tonight it got into big trouble.

The amplitude of the tides at the moment is very high becauset it's full moon. The highs are really high, and the lows are really low. This ship's crew made the crucial mistake of not backing off the shore far enough on low tide. What followed was a beached rear end and panic onboard. The front is being supported by water but the weight is overbearing.

Luckily, the situation seems stable.

(Also, we saw killer whales today in the fiord, maybe a dozen. Quite a day on the waters!)


oh my!

(where are the killer whale pics?? Lucky!!)

Look up David Kilabuk on Facebook, he's got some killer whale pics in his public album. Good ones. :)