Who cares anyway?

These shots are from May when Mike and Nicole came to visit town. April-May is possibly my favorite time of the year with all the light, warm weather and snow. You're not bound to home - you can go anywhere, anytime.

Mike and I went photo hunting for a few times. I'm not too excited about the photos but let's show a few of them here. Landscapes photos are getting a little boring for me, maybe because I don't know how to shoot them well. I think I might need better gear...

For good landscape shots, you need to be in the right place at the right time. That obviously has nothing to do with gear. I'm usually in the right places but my timing is typically terrible because I don't care enough to worry about it. If I was a professional photographer (like Mike here), I would probably take 90 % of my photos during sunrises and sunsets; harsh daylight is bad for landscape shots. But since I'm not a professional photographer, I shoot anything and anytime. I also don't have to care about what I write here because I'm not a professional writer. This all begs the question: why shoot or write at all? Beats me. I guess I'm nuts.

I'm going to go grind some coffee beans now.

(Note how the last photo's horizon is tilted. If you want it straightened, you can pay me.)