Sunday rodeo

After a week of big blows, warm temperatures and even rain, the snow conditions were rough, mildly expressed. Snow was hard and unforgiving, crusty. No time for crazy-carpeting. Although I heard that somebody went and did that, too and got a free skin graft.

We headed out for a little snowmobile tour around the valleys leading east because skiing wasn't really an option that day. After 20 km of full rodeo on wind-blown sastrugi, and ten more to go to reach our planned destination, we decided that this was not really an option either and turned back. No skin off our nose. There's always another day.

The ride back was much smoother. We picked a slightly different line that made a great difference in our travel speed and comfort. It seemed that following the lowest ground was the easiest way in those conditions. Or, one could say that a smoother path was clearly faster even if much longer. It was just that he smoothest path happened to be on the lowest ground, probably because the wind speeds were reduced in those areas.

Sheesh, this is starting to get a little technical for a blog entry. I should submit this to some online university and see if they could give me some neat degree or something!