Pics from Rovaniemi, Finland, summer 2009

Last June I was fortunate enough to go to my hometown Rovaniemi to spend some time with my friends and family.

Rovaniemi isn't really a town. It's a state of mind. You should visit Rovaniemi if you can. The downfall is that you will want to move there. It's a little bit like Whitehorse but entirely different. Rovaniemi is also in the north, lying directly on the Arctic Circle.

These pictures were captured on negative film with my old SLR, with a manual focus 50 mm lens on it. There's something about the feeling of colors and contrast on film photos that the cameras of the digital era will never be able to capture. I can't explain it, it's just there.

Yours truly getting into the Rovaniemi-frame-of-mind.

Timo enjoying a cigar at the City Hall and Library designed by Alvar Aalto. Indeed a good place to enjoy a cigar in the summer.

Enjoying a beer at the City Hall.

Self-explanatory, at the City Hall again.

Kemijoki River where the old Valio milk factory used to be.

Coffee and pulla at Kimmo's.

A downhill biking trip at Syväsenvaara with Kimmo.

Timo hanging around in Rovaniemi.