Flight of the Conchords rocks

Our Flight of the Conchords addiction is getting worse, or should I say better. There's something magical about the folk parody displayed by two mumbling kiwis that simply rocks. We are in the second season of the TV show and we are already starting to wax nostalgic about how good the first season was. It was pretty good.

"Murray: Be careful with it. Don't stand next to any big magnets.
Jemaine: Why would I stand next to a big magnet?
Murray: I don't know what you do in your personal life."

Often the guys break up into a song mid-episode. All of them are good. Last weekend we saw a second season episode with a hilarious but at the same time seriously cool house/techno song, youtubed for you below. The rap song below is also among our favourites. The thing is, all the songs are parody as well, but the parody is so well executed that it turns out being almost better than the object of the parody. Weird, eh? Just listen to them. You'll see what I mean.