Getting wintery

It's January, -33 C. It's starting to get pretty cool, but February is supposed to be colder. Nice and crispy out there, good northern lights on clear skies, but I'm sort of looking forward to the skiing season to start full steam - when it gets warmer.

We are doing little crosscounrty jaunts across the fiord and up the creek and it's fun, but my true aspiration lies in tumbling down mountains on my telemark skis. I don't care if I come head first - I just want to be there. I was already doing that pretty effectively last spring, cruising down those avalanche-prone wind slabs, making an occasional man-shaped hole in them.

Well, maybe in a month.

Today we couldn't get the truck started and I'm not even going to try the skidoos. Crosscountry skiing would be okay but instead I went for a little photo walk in the dusk. The photos below are from today.

Nice and calm out there.