Fan base

Our little fall break is over and I'm back in Pangnirtung to cater to our small but enthusiastic blog audience. We have a lot of fans, at least my mother and perhaps Anneli in Kemijärvi, Ray in Montreal and Rhonda in California. From now on we will simply refer to you as our "fan base". It sounds better.

Just to let our fan base know, we have a couple major updates coming soon: the Auyuittuq hike that we did in September and our fall break trip to the spectacular Skaha Bluffs rock climbing area in B.C.

In Pang, we have a couple feet of snow now but no ice in the fiord. This weekend I will probably head out looking for some potential ice climbs in our neighborhood if I have the chance.

By the way, if you ever get to see a TV show called "The Flight of the Conchords", you won't be disappointed. Laid-back, easy-going, charming, parodic, brilliant!