Dog days of climbing - Skaha 2010

Finally, the pictures you've all been waiting for!

Well, the pictures Markus has been waiting for me to sort because I asked him to hold off on this posting until I had a chance to contribute my photos. This time you'll actually get to see images of Markus and not just me.

We first spent time in Skaha during our great Canadian road trip of 2004 and fell in love with its forgiving granite, its lovely warm-up hikes to its endless crags, and its great diversity in climbing routes. This, my friends, is a sport climber's paradise and one of North America's top climbing destinations. That's why after climbing in Italy in 2008, impressed though we were with the Aosta Valley, we wondered why we were traveling so far when there was such excellent fodder in our own backyard. "Backyard" is, of course, relative, but I digress.

In 2009 we returned to Skaha. It was the perfect balance of climbing, comfort, friends, food, fun and relaxation. The Okanagan Valley is known for its fruit orchards and vineyards, making for very fine dining. What an excellent time.

Such an excellent time, in fact, that we couldn't resist coming back again this fall. We had considered other destinations such as Yosemite, Joshua Tree and Smith Rock. However, after weighing in cost, available sport routes and amount of travel involved, Skaha simply came out way ahead of the rest. We weren't disappointed.

This was a true holiday.

For more pictures, look in the gallery section or click here:

You can find pictures of the 2009 trip in the gallery section or by clicking here:



SUCH nice photos!!!! :)
awwww, and I totally forgot that this year was the salmon run... I really want to see that one day

Great bictures. You look so happy! I'm envious. I know I will be happy there too!