Site Improvement Enthusiast strikes again.

"If it's working, don't touch it". Blah blah. Touch it, tamper with it, play with it, stick your screwdriver in it, break it, assemble it. Whatever it is, you will never learn anything unless you tamper with it. All technical things are best mastered following this principle.

What's the worst that can happen? So you get a zap from AC 110 V or can't assemble that $200 wrist watch anymore. But you learned something, didn't you?

Don't be timid. It's all about education.

This website is changing constantly and not always for the better. This time I wrenched the site layout a bit. Next I'll continue with dynamic rendering techniques for the titles. The work is never-ending and may seem pointless at times, but it really helps me when I develop websites for paying clients. I want to have everything clear in my head the moment I start working for them. That's why I need a playground.

Another thing that needed wrenching was our skidoo. It had some issues with the right-hand-side cylinder, which was quite exciting from a tampering-point-of-view. I have never really worked on an engine before but had no other chance but pull the motor out of the machine and rip it apart, luckily with the help of a very experienced friend, Donald. I'm not sure if I can put it back together but I'm sure I'll figure it out, or at least Donald will.

Maybe some day when I'm out on the tundra and the skidoo breaks, I'll be able to save the day.

Donald's Green Machine: