Mobi & Pluto

May I present the Perfect House Pet, below. Mild-mannered, calm, cool, elegant, playful, takes care of his own toilet visits, hangs around but doesn't make a fuss.

Below is a sample of another house animal, the Annoying Little Ankle Biter. Don't let the looks fool you. If you don't pay attention to this guy, he will try to stick his face to everything that even remotely smells like food, harass the Perfect House Pet, chew on the cables, bite your ankles, pee on the floor, try to jump on the sofas, try to make love to your foot and cry mournfully when left alone.

We rescued this guy from the streets. He was pretty weak but now he's doing really well. We are looking for a home for Pluto, so give us a holler if you are interested.


Markus you caved! That's fabulous (even if it was only for a short while).